Career Astrology by date of birth

We all always desire for the best kind of career for us. We all carve for the career that fits us so well and gives us joy and satisfaction. But the bitter truth is that the majorities of people are stuck with wrong jobs and end up struggling.

Forget the Feng Shui tips, tarot predictions and other things, do you know your birthday is the solution of all your career related problems? Use your birth date to find out where you have the greatest chance of success. Your birth date is an excellent indicator of what kind of work suits you best.

As per numerology, every number from 1 to 9 has its own set of characteristics which impact the personality of an individual. With the help of these deciding factors Numerology can guide you to choose a profession or stream of work that is best suited for your abilities. It increases your chances of success on the career front and brings job satisfaction.

People born on 1st, 10th, 19th, 28th

The ruling planet for number 1 individuals is the Sun and they are born leaders. They are risk takesr and there ‘Never Say Die’ attitude make them a good business person. Famous business people like Dhirubhai Ambani, Ratan Tata, Mukes Ambani, Bill Gates are born on these dates. Suitable career options for them is business, managerial position if in job.

People born on 2nd, 11th, 20th, 29th

The ruling planet for number 2 individuals is the Moon. They are very creative people and do very well in related fields. They also make very good diplomats. The best suitable career for them is in the field of art, painting, acting, fashion designing. Famous People born on these dates are Shahrukh Khan, Amitabh Bachchan, Leornado Di Caprio

People born on 3rd, 12th, 21st, 30th

The ruling planet for number 3 individuals is the Jupiter. They are very strong in nature and are quite good with finance. People born on 3rd are extremely successful in the field of bank or finance. For those under this number who aspire to get into business it is advisable for them to go into Retail Business or one that involves a lot of cash turnover. They will excel in such fields. The best suitable career options for number 3 people are banking, finance related fields, and retail Business.

People born on 4th, 13th, 22nd, 31st

People born on 4th are considered as very unconventional and unique. They are risk takers but often put themselves in trouble because of bad decisions. For people born on 4th speculation and gambling are big no. The field of Art or Acting can bring them success.

People born on 5th, 14th, 23rd

Blessed with good communication skills and power of decision making, number 5 individual can make brilliant stock market traders. They have the power to convince people easily. Routine or safe jobs bore them since they are always on the lookout for risks to keep them charged and entertained. Technology, sports, marketing or sales related field are best area where they can work.

People born on 6th, 15th or 24th

Ruled by Venus, people born on number 6 have charismatic personality. They are very well suited for the limelight. Ideal professions or business for them include hotel or restaurant business, luxury products or jobs in the entertainment industry which could bring them glamour and fame. The career options for them are in the field of Entertainment field, hotel or hospitality business.

People born on 7th, 16th or 25th

People born on number 6 do very well in the field of research. They have a unique innovative and creative world different from others. Their ‘Out of the Box’ ideas bring them a lot of success. The best career option for them is in the fields that allow them to display their creative and innovative ideas or research related professions.

People born on 8th, 17th, 26th

Ruled by Saturn, the number 8 people are often seen struggling till the age of 35. They are quite simple and very straightforward. They are also very hardworking which brings them success even if it’s a little late. The best career option for them are in the field of politics, business in fields such as heavy metals, real estate and finance.

People born on 9th, 18th, 27th

Ruled by Mars, people born on 9th number, do well in the field of sports. We have some of the world’s best sportspersons born on these dates. They are ruled by Mars and have a lot of courage in them. Suitable Career Options: Sports, Jobs in the Defence forces or Business in chemicals or real estate.

Career and Birth Number

However, this does not mean that they will not do well in other professions. The career options mentioned are best suited for people belonging to the particular numbers as they increase the chances of success considerably.

If you are facing difficulty in choosing an ideal career for yourself or are confused with so many options around you then you can consult one of our Numerology experts. They will guide you in choosing a path that will enable you to build a successful career ahead.

Numerology- Destiny number

Numerology and numerological divination were popular among early mathematicians, but are no longer considered part of mathematics. Today, numerology is often associated with the paranormal, alongside astrology and similar divinatory arts. It reveals your potential, your strengths, your weaknesses, your challenges, and your lessons to be learned. Read on to rediscover yourself…

Destiny Number 1

The number 1 energy suggests that there is perhaps more executive ability and leadership qualities in your makeup than your lifepath may have indicated. It indicates that you’ll have immense will power and self-confidence, and very often a rather original approach. The energy of destiny number 1, may diminish your ability and desire to handle details, preferring instead to paint with a broad brush. You may be sensitive, but your feelings stay rather repressed.

Destiny Number 2

It adds a degree of emotion, sensitivity, and intuition to your reading. The 2 is a very social number allowing you to make friends easily and quickly. Yet you are apt to have a rather nervous air in the company of a large group. You have a warmhearted nature and emotional understanding that constantly seeks affection.

Destiny Number 3

An individual with destiny number 3, is likely to add a good bit of vitality to your life. The energy of 3 allows you bounce back rapidly from setbacks, physical or mental. There is a restlessness in your nature, but you seem to be able to portray an easygoing, sometimes “couldn’t care less” attitude. You have a natural ability to express yourself in public, and you always make a very good impression. Good with words, you excel in writing, speaking, and possibly singing.

Destiny Number 4

This destiny number should help make you a better manager and organizer. You may be more responsible and self-disciplined than your Life Path suggested because of this date. Sincere and honest, you are a serious and hard working individual. Limitations may be imposed by this 4 energy, especially if this number is active elsewhere in your reading.

Destiny Number 5

You are inclined to work well with people and enjoy them. You are talented and versatile, very good at presenting ideas. You may have a tendency to get itchy feet at times and need change and travel. You tend to be very progressive, imaginative and adaptable. Your mind is quick, clever and analytical. A restlessness in your nature may make you a bit impatient and easily bored with routine. You may have a tendency to shirk responsibility.

Destiny Number 6

You’ll have tons of responsibility, helpfulness, and understanding to your natural inclinations. Those born on the sixth are more apt to be open and honest with everyone, and more caring about family and friends, too. This is a number associated with responsibility and caring, and no matter what your lifepath may be, this birthday lends a degree of concern for others.

Destiny Number 7

It gives you a tendency to be something of a perfectionist and makes you more individualistic in many ways. Your mind is good at deep mental analysis and complicated reasoning. You are very psychic and sensitive, and you should usually follow your hunches. You may not take orders too well, so you may want to work alone or in a situation where you can be the boss. This birthday gives a tendency to be somewhat self-centered and a little stubborn.

Destiny Number 8

You have a special gift for business, as you can conceive and plan on a grand scale. You have good executive skills and you’re a good judge of values. You should try to own your own business, because you have such a strong desire to be in control. You are generally reliable when it comes to handling money; you can be trusted in this regard.

Destiny Number 9

It adds a ton of idealism and humanitarianism to your nature. You become one who can work easily with people because you are broadminded, tolerant and generous. You are ever sensitive to others’ needs and feelings, and even if the other numbers in your core makeup don’t show it, you are very sympathetic and compassionate. Your feeling run deep and you often find yourself in dramatically charged situations. This 9 energy always tends to give more that it gets.

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